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"Alex’s knowledgeable and patient approach presents instant results" – Sally

Early Learning for Pups

The first few months of your puppy's life are vital for learning and socialisation. 101 Dog Solutions offers training for puppy socialisation, covering all the basics to ensure happy, confident puppies and owners. I will work with you and your puppy to make sure that your pet has the best start in life and learns all the important lessons.

I conduct a 6-week course which runs throughout the year. Puppies can begin the course once they are fully vaccinated. The sessions are focused on real-world situations we regularly come across. The areas covered within the sessions include:

  • Gaining Confidence and Being Relaxed Around People and Other Dogs
  • Lead Walking
  • Recall/Basic Commands/Car Travel
  • Toilet Training/Biting
  • Leaving Objects/Noise Sensitivity
  • Grooming/Bathing/Jumping Up

Small class sizes ensure you get lots of help and advice in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. During every session, I will teach and give you the tools  to train your puppy on a daily basis. Wherever you are in Hampshire you are most welcome to come along.



14th March in Romsey 

5 Week Course £75 

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