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"Alex is non judgemental and achieves fantastic results" – Jane

How To Train Your Dog - Videos

Welcome to our online video dog training page. Here you can get all the benefits of an expert dog trainer from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are a seasoned dog owner with a new puppy and want to train it well from the start or perhaps you have an old pet or a rescue dog with specific behavioural issues, we are here to help.


In many ways, although meeting the dog and the owner brings its own unique benefits there is much to be said for online video dog training. With access to my videos, not only can you watch them back and forth at your convenience to revise a certain aspect of the training; you can also have a one on one follow up video conference to iron out any specific struggles where necessary.

So, in reality, you have the best of both worlds with content you can watch any time and the opportunity of a follow-up meeting on Zoom for example. Where we usually charge an hourly fee of £50, our videos are only £15 each and you can access the whole library for just £30! A link will be emailed and you can access the videos on Vimeo and let me know how you are getting on and if you need an extra video consultation at no extra cost.

Try it for yourself! Contact us today to get the most out of your relationship with your pet dog.

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