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"101 Dog Solutions is simply the best and in a class of its own" - Pamela

Get to Know Your Dog Better

At 101 Dog Solutions, I can help you and your dog with anything from simple behavioural issues such as pulling on the lead, mouthing, chewing and/or nipping to more serious problems such as barking, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, phobias, obsessive behaviours, fear and all types of aggression.


Understanding Your Dog

Dog psychology enables the dog to understand requests and resolve behaviours quicker as I replicate methods used by dogs themselves. By in part utilising my PE teaching skills, I am able to break down the tasks into progressive phases, which is beneficial to dogs and owners alike.

All issues are treated sensitively. Dogs are rehabilitated progressively in phases to make it an easy adjustment for them and to give you time to practice before tackling the next step of the rehab. As a result, you have a content, calm dog who responds well and gives you control when required.

Consultations involve a home visit with you and your dog in their normal environment to gather information and to determine how issues are displayed at home. Then, we progress the issues from there.

Simple Training Sessions

Training sessions cover areas such as recall, loose lead walking and basic learning of commands. These sessions also involve teaching your dog how to play, increase general stimulation and boost their quality of life. Affordable phone consultations are also available for simple but invaluable advice on:

  • Choosing a New Puppy or Dog to Suit Your Personality Type-Energy Levels and Lifestyle
  • Bringing a New Puppy Home
  • How to Safely Introduce a New Dog to Your Household
  • Managing a Multi-Dog Household
  • Behavioural Changes in Senior Dogs

Behaviour Issues - £50 per Hour 

An up to 30 minute consultation is given charged at £20 after which an initial hour with the dog will then follow. At the end of the session the best way to progress with your dogs training is discussed and planned. The next day, if requested, I will send an email summarising the areas to work on until a follow-up visit. I will also provide you with a summary of techniques to help as a recap.

Trainer - £50 per Hour

Anything from recall training vocally or with a whistle or clicker to gundog, field trial training and agility are covered. Again, there is an up to 30 minute consultation followed by an hour with you and the dog. An email will also be sent, on request, summarising the techniques to practice until the next training session.


Trainer Working Areas

Depending on the needs of the activity, various areas will be used in and around Hampshire both on foot for local requirements as well as via the 4x4 vehicle when required.

Behaviourist Techniques 

All techniques involve timely praise, reward and dog psychology only. As an animal lover, I am very passionate about what I do. I am fully committed to getting you the results that put smiles on faces.

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