We worked with Alex when our 12 month old whippets nerves got the better of her. We stopped puppy classes which were doing nothing for her nerves and saw alex periodically. He is so patient and has an agreed respect with Twiggy. He also has trained us as a family how to help her! We have worked on strategies that fit with the families needs and twiggy's and she is so much happier now she knows what she is doing when for example visitors or bouncy children arrive!  We're going to see him again in spring to help us and Twiggy  manage her passion for other people's picnics!

Louise (Nottingham)

Alex helped with my dog barney when he he would bark at and chase dogs running around in the park. He sorted the problem in no time at all using various techniques in different situations and also taught barney to come back to the whistle. Alex worked with me as well showing me how to deal with any related issues and was very calm and patient with both myself and barney. Our walks now are  massively easier and we both enjoy ourselves so much more!

Jane ( Nottingham)

We had alex out to our house to work with Murphy, a 5 month old dalmation x springer who'd got too big for his boots. He was biting hard, snarling and tormenting the kids, and us, at every opportunity. Alex showed us how to calmly deal with these situations and how to bring Murphy down from 'pack leader' status he gave us advice on lead walking, feeding regimes and distraction techniques and when things got really heated how to make Murphy back down, this took serious determination when Murphy was wound up.. but after weeks of perseverance we have now been able to take Murphy to socialisation classes and we are starting to sing from the same page.
We would definitely recommend his services, he is calm reassuring and uses kind techniques that are achievable
:-) Katrina (Nottingham)

Phone: 07834 158 875
E-mail: alex@101dogsolutions.com

101 Dog Solutions


Alex was recommended to us to help us with our Labrador who was around 6 months old and very nervous. Alex showed us how we could be in control from everything to walking, feeding and around the house, all of which helped with our original problem of really early waking in the morning. Alex also solved the problem of Milo suddenly refusing to get in the car. He has helped the whole family with his patience and given us the techniques to use going forward. We would highly recommend him

Elaine (Nottingham)

Ruby was never a confident dog however when she was 6 months old she started growling when strangers tried to stroke her and then when we did too in certain circumstances. She became  possessive of areas in the house and of food and certain toys. I was really concerned that this aggression may escalate especially at home with the boys or one of their friends. Alex was recommended to us by a mutual friend and he has been amazing. He has been calm and patient and taught us all how to behave around ruby and how to treat her to get the best out of her. Our journey has been a long one and there have been a couple of setbacks but each time Alex reassessed and readjusted things to get us all back on track. He regularly checked in with us giving us reminders and positive encouragement to continue even when we felt things weren't going according to plan. He has spent a lot of time with us ensuring that in the end we have a calmer more confident dog. I cannot thank Alex enough, if it wasn't for him I'm sure ruby wouldn't be with us now.  Thanks Alex!

Tom and Lucy