Services and Pricing

Behavioural training for dogs can range from difficulties walking on the lead to possessiveness with a ball, excessive excitement to nervousness or aggression.

All issues are treated sensitively and the dogs are rehabilitated progressively in phases to make it both an easy adjustment for the dog and to enable the owners time to practice and adjust successfully before tackling the next step of the rehab. As a result you have a content, calm dog who responds well and gives you control when required.

101 Dog Solutions

Behaviourist Issues- £30 per hour

A free 30 minute consultation is given and the best way to progress is discussed with the client and then an initial hour with the dog will follow. The next day an email will be sent to help summarise the areas to work on until a follow up visit and any techniques will be summarised to help as a recap.

Trainer- £20 per hour

Anything from recall training vocally or with a whistle or clicker are covered to gundog or field trial training or agility. Again there is a free 30 minute consultation followed by an hour with the dog and an email will summarise the techniques to practice until the next training session.

Dog Behaviour/Training Nottingham

Phone: 07834 158 875

Behaviourist / Trainer working areas

Depending on the needs of the activity various areas will be used in and around Nottingham both on foot for our local requirements but also via the 4x4 vehicle when required.


Behaviourist Techniques

All techniques involve timely praise, reward and Dog Psychology only. We are all animal lovers and passionate about what we do and are fully commited to giving you the results that put smiles on faces.

Dog psychology enables the dog to understand requests and resolve behaviours quicker as we replicate methods used by dogs themselves. PE teaching skills help break down the tasks into progressive phases beneficial to both dogs and owners alike.