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If your dog is displaying “problem behavior” such as lead pulling, barking or aggression towards other dogs it is important that it is properly assessed so that your dog’s motivations can be understood and emotional change can be undertaken for long term behaviour change. Consultations involve me coming to meet you and your pet in their normal home environment and gather information to determine how the issues are displayed at home.

We will then progress to your dog’s normal walking route to gauge how your dog reacts with other dogs and people on and off the lead.

At 101 Dog Solutions Dog Behaviour we can help you and your dog with anything - ranging from simple training issues such as pulling on lead, mouthing, chewing and/or nipping, to more serious problems such as barking, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, phobias, obsessive behaviours, fearfulness, and all types of aggression.

Simple Training Sessions

Training sessions cover areas such as recall, loose lead walking and basic learning of commands. Training sessions can also involve teaching your dog how to play and how to increase general stimulation and boost quality of life.

Affordable phone consultations are also available for simple but invaluable advice on:

  • choosing a new puppy or dog to suit your personality type-energy levels and lifestyle

  • bringing a new puppy home

  • how to safely introduce a new dog to your household

  • how to introduce your new baby to your dog

  • managing a multi-dog household

  • behavioural changes in senior dogs

Dog Behaviourist And Trainer in Nottingham

101 Dog Solutions was established through a life long love of dogs and a desire to help owners enjoy every experience with their dog by sharing dog behaviourist and trainer knowledge acquired over many years.

Located in Nottingham our Dog Behaviourist and walker Alex originally a PE teacher has adapted and transferred his teaching skills to working with dogs and their owners.